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We create sustainable partnerships with family-owned wineries, distributors, and wholesalers.

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Our Philosophy

The Credo Imports philosophy is to develop honest and open partnerships with our customers and suppliers through uncomplicated and transparent business practices. 

We fight back against the power of the mass-produced and distributed to create space for winemakers who may not otherwise be able to voice their passions, conscience, and values. These winemakers’ voices reflect the authenticity of their wines and the integrity of their land—speaking not for the wines but through them.

Our goal is to create demand for our products. In doing so, we also create demand for our producers' ideals and sustain a process where quality can rule at the expense of volume.

Wine for all, and all for wine

Wine should be approachable, enjoyable, and exciting for anyone and everyone—never prestigious or exclusive. Credo Imports scouts and brings to market unique wines from all over the world to help even the most inexperienced wine drinker find a grape or a wine that fits their personality.

The Credo Imports Story

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Honoring tradition and heritage

Most import companies either go after volume or wines with established footholds in the U.S. market. And if they are lucky enough to find a small winery willing to work with them, they are already thinking of how to ‘scale up’ or modernize.

Credo Imports believes that if a family-owned multi-generational business creates something inspiring and unique, who are we to change anything? We honor traditions and heritage—never seeking to change anything except their reach.

Our Winery Partners

Unrelenting commitment to quality

Credo Imports is a direct importer representing a diverse fine European wines and spirits collection. We help U.S. distributors, and wholesalers find unique varietals that their customers will love and come back to purchase again and again. 

We're hands-on partners—traveling to the renowned European wine regions to taste the wine and assess production quality for ourselves. We only offer the best of what we source to our stateside distributors.

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