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We are Credo Imports

Credo Imports travels to the best wine regions in Europe—some well-known and some more obscure—to discover and source small-batch, high-quality wine producers.

We find the otherwise unknown wines so that other like-minded wine-drinkers, from novice to connoisseur, can experience something truly exceptional.

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Credo Imports scouts and brings to market European wines that are unavailable or underrepresented in the United States. We hope to help even the most inexperienced wine drinker find a grape or a wine that fits their personality.

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What is a Credo?


Credo is a Latin word, defined as "a statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions."

Our credo is to share unique wines from all over the world with wine-loving people.

Our Philosophy


Credo Imports works exclusively with small batch wineries in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, and Spain. We care deeply about honoring their traditions and developing long-term personal relationships with winemakers; creating partnerships that benefit everyone involved. 

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